Herbert Hoover Facts – The 31st President of the United States of America

During the World War I, there was an American president who suddenly gained a reputation for his being humanitarian. This is true for Herbert Hoover. Many Herbert Hoover facts would state that he led the efforts for hunger-relief and this was one of his notable achievements. He did this towards Europe and he initiated and lead as the head of American Relief Administration. Since then, he was the first one to move into a U.S secretary post for commerce. He also spearheaded the St. Lawrence Seaway construction. The same was also true for the Hoover Dam.

In the year 1928, Hoover then became the president elected. However, eight months later, the stock market suddenly crashed. This was in 1929. This ushered the Great Depression. There were policies initiated by Hoover. However, they were not effective enough to overcome whatever economic destruction was going on and happening. This was the reason why despair took place. In 1932, he was bidding for reelection. However, he did not win anymore because of the said situation.

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Herbert Hoover was from West Branch in Iowa. His birthdate was on August 10, 1874. He was dubbed as the very first president from the Mississippi River. When Herbert was still six years old, his father passed away. Three years after this, the same also happened to her mother. With this, Hoover was only raised in the Oregon. He was taken care of by both his maternal aunt and uncle.

Ever since, Herbert was a humanitarian. When he became an adult, Hoover was found in China. This transpired when he was still in China for the Boxer Rebellion in the 1900s. This was the point when he initiated relief efforts. These were intended for trapped foreigners. Four years after this, he got to help Americans who were stranded in Europe. This was the case during the World War I. Three years after this, he got to head the Commission for Relief. This was directed towards Belgium. He helped in the procurement of food which was meant for almost 9 million Belgians. This was the result of the encroachment of massive German troops during such era.

Since Hoover was effective during the relief, he was prompted by then president Woodrow Wilson. He was appointed to be the head and leader of the Food Administration. This was the juncture when he had to divert American agricultural products to that of overseas. This was for the American troops. This served as a big help for the post-World War I. This was an opportunity for the people of Europe to be fed. Hoover was then picked by Harding to be the secretary of commerce. The role served as a driving force behind various undertakings and projects like the Hoover Dam and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

President Coolidge did not pursue another term. Hoover on the other hand was nominated by the Republican candidate in the year 1928. Since then, he ran to compete against Alfred E. Smith. Hoover won.